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About Us

The Stanford Soccer Club* is a competitive youth soccer club serving Palo Alto and neighboring communities. Our teams compete in the Cal North – Cal Soccer League (CCSL) and NorCal Premier Soccer League across all competitive levels.

Professional coaches provide our players with outstanding training and skill development. The team manager and parents can make the key decisions regarding player selection, coach selection, and their competitive objectives rather than rely on direct club mandated control. Unlike traditional hierarchical clubs which can be slow to adapt, Stanford Soccer Club teams have the versatility to work together or the independence to forge a different path. The independence also allows Stanford Soccer Club parents more involvement in team leadership. 

Our distinctive approach to competitive soccer has proven extremely popular in the Palo Alto community, allowing the Stanford Soccer Club to thrive and more than double in the number of teams and players within the last 10 years.

Go to Teams for more information on joining one of our teams.

*Disclaimer: Stanford Soccer Club is an independent organization. Stanford Soccer Club is not Stanford University's agent or 'partner', or supported or endorsed by the University. The University do not indemnify or accept responsibility for any representations, activities, negligent acts, failure to act properly, and/or omissions, of the Stanford Soccer Club, its directors, officers, agents, employees, contractors, representatives, or members.