Club Profile

The Stanford Soccer Club's philosophy is to support, but not overly control its member teams. Each team determines its own policies regarding tryouts, player selection, coach selection and competitive objectives. The club's role is simply to guide a team's leadership through the process.

The club can facilitate the formation of a team when a motivated and committed parent or group of parents approaches the club for affiliation. Current teams may also facilitate the formation of a new team.  For more information, see Forming a New Team.

Importance of Parental Involvement

Since conscientious parents act in the best interests of their children, the Stanford Soccer Club believes that these children's parents should be a primary force guiding each team.

The club expects the parents of every team to volunteer a reasonable amount of time to support their team and the club. In addition to making key strategic decisions for each team, team parents assist the coach and team manager on and off the field by completing registration documents, setting up goals and equipment, ordering uniforms, and fulfilling other club duties. A team meeting is required each season (spring and fall), allowing all team families to discuss and to agree upon team plans and objectives.

Go to Our People to learn more about the experiences of parents at the Stanford Soccer Club.

The Value of Excellent Coaching

While recognizing the central role of parental leadership, the club also emphasizes the importance of professional coaching. Almost all Stanford Soccer Club teams engage experienced soccer coaches who have played soccer at a very high level and have earned USSF or equivalent coaching certification. Professional coaches are well-equipped to teach our players to assimilate both fundamentals and refinements of the game and to make the most of the time spent at practices and games.

To learn more about the coaches at the Stanford Soccer Club, go to Coaches.

Infrastructure Support

The Stanford Soccer Club provides its teams with the infrastructure required to practice and play soccer, such as fields, referees, game scheduling, recruiting support, insurance, and registration assistance. By providing this administrative and organizational infrastructure, the club allows its parents, coaches and players to focus their efforts on what is important: the building of successful youth soccer teams.

Financial Parameters

Each Stanford Soccer Club team sets its own budget, so seasonal fees vary. If a team purchases equipment or uniforms, participates more heavily in tournaments, or hires additional coaches, fees may increase. Since the club's teams rely on parent volunteers to perform many important team-related duties, our club generally has lower-than-average fees.

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