Stanford Soccer Club
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Club Guidelines

Club Guidelines:

These are policies that organize a productive environment for all club teams. This may help to explain how common resources (e.g. league administration, fields, goals, nets) are allocated and operated.

CCSL and Norcal Game Administration

Fall 2014 CCSL Registration

Getting Game Field and Referees (via Redwood League)

Game Day Checklist: Print Game Cards, Player Cards, Setup Goals & Nets, Referee fees, etc


Club Policies

- Game Cancellation Penalties

- Club Job Descriptions

- Billing Policy for Field and Team Fees

- Lining Fields Guidelines

- Goals & Corner Flags

- Practice Field Selection Policy

- Club Constitution

- Player Tryout Registration Form (Player Information and Liability Release)

- Club Philosophy (written as a letter to parents)

- New Team Guidelines

- Goal Lockup Policy

- Uniforms

- Team Worksheet for Palo Alto Resident Utility Acct Number or PAUSD enrollment

- MailChimp Getting Started

League Information

- GotSoccer CCSL (CYSA Cal Soccer League) Team/Admin Login

- CCSL (CYSA Cal Soccer League) General Website

- Norcal Premier League