Stanford Soccer Club & Field Lining

Each season, the Stanford Soccer Club is responsible for maintaining the lines at a couple of the soccer fields that we use in Palo Alto. The fields are generally mowed on Thursday so painting can be done either Thursday afternoon (after 3PM) or Friday. Please do not paint before the fields are mowed.

Lining Machine Need to Know:
- operation is simple: clench handgrip and paint comes out
- shake a paint can before use, load by slipping between retaining clips; IMPORTANT: keep long side of nozzle perpendicular to line to get full > 4" width
- return machines after use
Lining Fields Need to Know:
- paint over previous lines on the field; guiding strings or measurement equipment should not be required
- recommend 1 volunteer per one or two fields (with one Lining Machine per volunteer)
- one field should require less than 5 cans of paint (e.g., take 1 case for two fields)
- it should take between 30-45 minutes to line one field.
- a slow walking pace should be used when applying the paint (it is normal NOT to straddle the line when walking)
- it is easier (and sometimes required) to see faint lines with the sun at your back (important to know after 2PM)
- paint the entire endline including under the goalpost; do not move goal, simply paint reasonably close to it (along the line)
- don't get distracted while lining (e.g. stop if you want to converse with someone)
- if line is off center, DON'T redo it; move over to correct position and continue
- corner arcs use a 1 yd radius (which can be painted using the lining machines); note this is an arc and not a triangle

Lining Dimensions: Large Lining Field Worksheet and Small Lining Field Worksheet (this is pretty cool)

Marco Schuffelen (from AYSO) has some in depth information at his website.