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Teams and Schedules


Teams for Boys and Girls, Ages 9 to 19

The ages of our boys' and girls' teams range from nine (U-10, or age 10 or under) to 19 (U-19, or age 19 or under). The club also seeks adult leaders and players to establish new teams under age 9, or in age groups and genders where the club is not already strongly represented.

All club teams are "select," which means that players must try out or be selected to join a team, and compete in Class I and Class III CYSA divisions. Class I teams are known to be more selective, though many class III teams are equivalent to Class I teams, depending on the league, region and other factors.


Note: Age Uxx & Class per Fall 2014


Age Div Born After Team Manager Manager's Email
& Team Website
Manager's Phone Number
U8 Cop 8-1-06 United 06B Black John Rowe  
U8 Cop 8-1-06

United 06B White

John Rowe  
U9 Cop 8-1-05 United 05B Black (Freeze) Russell Ford  
U9 Cop 8-1-05 Microbursts MIke Koehler  
U9 Cop 8-1-05 United 05B White (Burn) John Rowe  
U10 Cop 8-1-04 United 04B Red (Hailstorm) John Rowe  
U10 Cop 8-1-04 Sundogs Richard Ho  
U10 Cop 8-1-04 Supercell Andrea Christensen  
U10 Cop 8-1-04 United 04B White (Snowstorm) Michael Roesch>
U10 Silver 8-1-04 United 04B Black (Aftershocks)

Jen Coler
Dan Chow

U11 Silver 8-1-03 United 03B Black (Volcanoes)
Zeene Ni
U11 Cop 8-1-03 United 03B Red (Rapids) John & Jenny Rowe  
U11 Bronz 8-1-03 United 03B White (Mirage)

Dirk Wenzel  
U11 Bronz 8-1-03 Meteors Luis Michel
U12 Cop 8-1-02 Lightning Pratap Mukherjee  
U12 Bronz 8-1-02 United 02B White (Blizzards) Tanya Dargel>
U12 Silver 8-1-02 United 02B Black (Hurricanes) Sabine Nusser  
U13 Cop 8-1-01 Flood Don Darby 650-248-9046
U14 Silver 8-1-00 Catatumbo Todd Ford 650-862-4616
U14 Silver Elite 8-1-00 United 00B Black (Fireballs) Anne Rerolle
Shalina Miklos


U15 Cop 8-1-99 Earthquakes Yvonne Baur
Leslie Matlof

U16 Silver 8-1-98 Vortex Tony & Tanna Kienitz 650-424-8205









Age Div Born After Team Manager Manager's Email
& Team Website
Manager's Phone Number
U9 Cop 8-1-05 Ice Storm Ken Shark  
U9 Cop 8-1-05 Typhoons Rachel Cleary  
U10 Cop 8-1-04 Shockwave Maura McGinnity

U10 Cop 8-1-04 Tempest Ray Lin  
U11 Bronz 8-1-03 Twisters Susan Bush  
U11 Cop 8-1-03 Cyclones MIke Koehler  
U11 Cop 8-1-03 Blackout Andrea Brand-Sanchez  
U12 Cop 8-1-02 Flares May Briones Herr
Matt Glickman

U12 Cop 8-1-02 Monsoon Kori Shaw  
U12 Gold 8-1-02 Inferno Lance Nakamitsu  
U13 Cop 8-1-01 Heat Wave Alex Nemerov
Kristen Andersen




Lissa Dutton
Christine Meyer

U15 Bronz 8-1-99 Heat Molly Goodman
Brian Goncher
U15 Bronz 8-1-99 Supernova

May Herr
Don Darby
650-704-3726 650-248-9046
U16 Cop 8-1-98 Avalanche Keith Ferrell 650-321-6933
U17 Gold 8-1-97 Firestorm Rebecca Wedl 650-218-8160
U17 Gold 8-1-97 Storm Alex Liu

U17 Silver 8-1-97 Explosion Diane Greene
Colm Callan
Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold are progressive divisions of competitive play. In the CYSA guidelines Copper & Bronze are considered Class 3/Division 3 level of competition, and Silver & Bronze are considered Class 1/Division 1 level of competition. There is not a Division 2 (Class 2) anomoly of soccer history. Division 4 is considered a "Recreation", non-select team in some areas. AYSO provides the equivalent of CYSA Division 4 competition in the Palo Alto area while also offering some Select Teams equivalent to Class 3/Division 3 competition.


Practice Field Schedules: located on "Fields & Maps" web page.