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Boys Teams

Age groups shown are for Fall 2017-Spring 2018. For new player, new team, and tryout information please go to the Tryout Information page.

Title Age Born In/After Coach Division Team Manager Email
Ice (United 10B Black) U8 1/01/2010 David Light Bronze/CCSL Sunyoung Park
Sandstorm (United 10B White) U8 1/01/2010 Leo Barcellos Copper/CCSL Brooke Kember
Estrellas U9 1/01/2009 Sassan Golafshan Copper/CCSL Delney Bystrom
Tremors (United 09B Black) U9 1/01/2009 Pedro Duarte Silver/CCSL Elaine Heal
Wildfire (United 09B White) U9 1/01/2009 Gio Luna Bronze/CCSL Jeanette Reifenberg
Landslide (United 08B Red) U10 1/01/2008 David Light Copper/CCSL Anthony Ventura
Mavericks (United 08B White) U10 1/01/2008 Gilbert Barranco Bronze/Norcal Susan Kahlert
Monsoon (United 08B Black) U10 1/01/2008 Vava Marques Silver/Norcal Meredith Martin
Avalanche (United 07B Red) U11 1/01/2007 Gilbert Barranco Bronze/Norcal David Wright
La Ninos U11 1/01/2007 Sassan Golafshan Bronze/CCSL Abby Wall, Keith Koegler,
Freeze (United 06B Black) U12 1/01/2006 Vava Marques Gold/Norcal Michael Koehler
Microbursts U12 1/01/2006 John Green Bronze/CCSL Joe Podulka
Thunderbolts (United 07B White) U11 1/01/2007 Roberto Magellan Silver 2 / NorCal Fiona Huang
Tsunami (United 07B Black) U11 1/01/2007 Roberto Magellan Gold / NorCal Rodolphe Brumm
Aftershocks (United 05B Black) U13 1/01/2005 Vava Marques Premier/Norcal John Fallows
Burn (United 06B White) U12 1/01/2006 Vava Marques Bronze/Norcal Suzanne Cummings
Hailstorm (United 05B Red) U13 1/01/2005 Beto Luna Bronze/CCSL Sandi Engel
Supercell U13 1/01/2005 Ross Ireland Copper/CCSL Sarah Gibbs, Andrea Jelks,
Mirage (United 04B White) U14 1/01/2004 Marco Santillan Gold/Mirage Luis Michael
Rapids (United 04B Red) U14 1/01/2004 Walter Santillan Silver/CCSL Jean Salvia
Snowstorm (United 05B White) U13 1/01/2005 Roberto Magellan Silver/Norcal John Lilly
Volcanoes (United 04B Black) U14 1/01/2004 Armando Luna Premier/Norcal Dan Bromberg
Blizzards (United 03B White) U15 1/01/2003 Beto Luna Silver/Norcal Tanya Dargel
Hurricanes (United 03B Black) U15 1/01/2003 Armando Luna Premier/Norcal Christina Wyss-Coray
Stampede (United 03B Red) U15 1/01/2003 Gio Luna Bronze/CCSL Sandi Engel
Lightning (United 02B Black) U16 1/01/2002 Beto Luna Gold/CCSL Pratap Mukherjee
Fireballs (United 01B Black) U17 1/01/2001 Vavá Marques Premier/Norcal Anne Rerolle
Fuego (United 00B Black) U18 1/01/1999 Vava Marques Premier/Norcal Lisa Jack
Earthquakes U19 7/31/1999 Ross Ireland Silver/CCSL Yvonne Baur