Boys Teams

Boys Team

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Team Age Born In/After Coach Division
12B Black U8 1/01/2012 Miguel Esparza Norcal
Tsunami (United 11B White) U9 1/01/2011 Elmer Suarez Norcal
Ice (United 10B Black) U10 1/01/2010 Vava Marques Gold/Norcal
Sandstorm (United 10B White) U10 1/01/2010 Leo Barcellos Silver/Norcal
Tremors (United 09B Black) U11 1/01/2009 Gio Luna Gold/Norcal
Landslide 08B U12 1/01/2008 David Light Bronze/Norcal
Monsoon (United 08B Black) U12 1/01/2008 Vava Marques State Premier/Norcal
Microbursts U14 1/01/2006 John Green CCSL
Aftershocks (United 05B Black) U15 1/01/2005 Vava Marques NPL
Snowstorm (United 05B White) U15 1/01/2005 Elmer Suarez Gold/Norcal
Mirage (United 04B White) U16 1/01/2004 Walter Santillan Gold/Norcal
Volcanoes (United 04B Black) U16 1/01/2004 Armando Luna State Premier/Norcal
Blizzards (United 03B White) U17 1/01/2003 Beto Luna State Premier/Norcal
Hurricanes (United 03B Black) U17 1/01/2003 Armando Luna State Premier/Norcal