Forming a new team

The Stanford Soccer Club welcomes parents who want to start a new team. See below for more information.

If you wish to form a new team at the Stanford Soccer Club, please email us at /

New team requirements

There must be a parent or group of parents willing to do the work necessary to organize a new team. This would include at a minimum: having tryouts or otherwise recruiting players, identifying a coach, preparing a budget, registering the team with Cal North or NorCal, and attending monthly club meetings. The parent organizing the team as well as 75% of the players on the new team should reside in Palo Alto. The new team should not plan to take players from an existing Stanford Soccer Club team to form the new team.

Joining the club

Parents who are unfamiliar with competitive soccer yet wish to start a team may turn to club leaders for guidance regarding practice expectations, game schedules, recruitment, the logistics of club soccer, and other aspects of creating and sustaining a successful soccer team.  If requested by a new team, the club may help to organize initial tryouts.

To be accepted by the club, a new team's leaders must present themselves and their objectives at a monthly club meeting. Teams with a sincere interest in local youth soccer and necessary resources usually are accepted wholeheartedly.

Stanford Soccer Club teams belong to the collective parents of team members. A team meeting of all parents is normally held at least once a season. Parents will appoint one person to be the team manager, who will be primary decision maker and organizer. Other parents will typically volunteer to do other team jobs, such as treasurer, registrar, and uniform coordinator.  Each team must also be willing to take a role in helping to run the club by doing volunteer jobs such as field lining, field scheduling, or event planning.

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